How to Make a Time Lapse Video from Zero to One

Phase 1. Shoot a Time Lapse

In most cases, we use cameras to shoot time lapse photos. But now cameras on smartphones catch up with the trend and even exceed many traditional DSLRs for the preset time-lapse mode. Cameras and smartphones both have their pros and cons, the choice depends on your specific needs — quick and simple operations or professional-looking results.

1. How to Shoot a Time Lapse with a Camera

Step 1. Prepare Gears

Prepare Gears for Shooting a Time Lapse Video
Explain ISO
Start to Shoot a Time Lapse

2. How to Shoot a Time Lapse Video with iPhone/Android

iPhone camera has a built-in time-lapse mode that does everything for you behind the scenes. It auto-captures 1–2 frames per second and makes them into a video at 30 fps by default. Let’s see how to use this feature.

Start recording a time-lapse video on iPhone

Phase 2. Edit the Time Lapse Video

Either you get a photo sequence or a pre-processed video from the camera, you need the time lapse software to edit it somewhat, e.g. converting still photos into a video, speeding up or slowing down the time lapse pre-processed by the camera, and merging it with other videos.

Unique Features for Time Lapse Video Editing

- Batch process for large photo sequences.

Case 1. How to Make a Time Lapse Video from Photos

Step 1. Open VideoProc Vlogger and create a new project.

Import photo sequences to VideoProc Vlogger
Add photos to the timeline in VideoProc Vlogger

Case 2. How to Make a Time Lapse Video from Normal Video

If you just want to fake a time-lapse look to enrich your content, it is absolutely feasible to turn a regular video into a time lapse. And it can be simply achieved by speeding up the footage in VideoProc Vlogger.

Case 3. How to Change Speed of Time Lapse from GoPro/DJI/iPhone

iPhone, GoPro Hero Black, and DJI Mavic series come with handy time lapse and even hyperlaspe options. They shoot the photos in sequence and output a video file that doesn’t need much post-processing. But this feature does not always yield time lapses of the ideal speed. You have to change the speed afterward.

Change the speed to fit a required duration in VideoProc Vlogger

Phase 3. Bring It to the Next Level

It’s absolutely okay to stop at the steps above which can help you produce basic time lapses for daily sharing. If you want to step up your work, go on learning the key tips below for better time lapse videos.



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